Precise, Efficient, and Confidential.

GeneticLab offers its clients genetic testing in order to determine the eventual paternity or other types of DNA relationships. We employ the latest technologies and ensure maximum discretion to services in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Apply for a paternity test and get the results in 24 hours.

We are the pioneers of paternity testing in Romania. We act in accordance with the procedures of the molecular genetics laboratory and all samples are analyzed within 96 hours from the time of collection.

Schedule a paternity test online, and get the results in 24 hours.

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We ensure maximum confidentiality for all our customers. The DNA samples can be registered and sent for testing anonymously for confidentiality. Subsequently, the results are being released exclusively to the customer over the preferred channel of communication.

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Under normal circumstances, the test results are delivered in a maximum of 7 business days from the initial application. Additionally, our clients can opt-out for faster delivery of the results. Upon client request, results can be delivered in a term of 24 hours.

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The GeneticLab tests are carried out to comply with the newest DNA analysis standards to eliminate any eventual errors. The entire process is designed to deliver an overall hassle-free experience for all involved parties.

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Our team is here to answer any questions you may have in regard to the testing process. Furthermore, the GeneticLab clients can opt-in for an on-premises visit to our lab, during which we’ll explain all the stages of the testing process.

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DNA testing represents the only guaranteed method of eliminating any eventual doubts by offering a precision rate of 100%. Our team can answer all you questions regarding the testing process through which the total success rate is obtained.

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To ensure a comfortable harvest, we accept many DNA samples such as amniotic fluid, mouthwash, blood, cigarette butts, bulbous hairs, etc. If they cannot reach the laboratory, our customers can choose to collect samples at home.

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Complete Anonymity

We guarantee the complete anonymity of the genetic test without specifying and recording the identification data of the participants. On the documents sent to you, we will record the anonymous father and the anonymous child.

How does the testing take place?

To simplify the testing process, we’ve broken the process down into 5 simple steps. Simple, discrete, and efficient.

Schedule a paternity test online, and get the results in 24 hours.

Why choose Genetic Lab?

We have over 22 years of experience in genetic testing and diagnosis and we’re constantly investing in modern infrastructure, equipment modernization, and testing procedures. This way, we can deliver services in full compliance with the highest international standards. In our lab, we can perform over 200 genetic tests. We prioritize the satisfaction, safety, and overall well-being of our clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it necessary to do a paternity test?

A paternity test is a genetic test (DNA), through which we can determine whether a man is or not the biological father of a certain child or fetus (in case of pregnancy).

Is the presence of the mom required for the development of a paternity test?

No, it is not. Analyzing a DNA sample from the mom is recommended in order to increase the probability of paternity confirmation, but it is not necessary.

Are paternity tests precise enough?

Through the analysis of multiple ADN sequences (16 markers, in the case of our method), the personal identification accuracy is considerably increased. The DNA testing will ensure the confirmation of paternity with a probability of 99,99% and paternity exclusion with a rate of probability of 100%.

Can you determine if the twins are identical or not?

Yes. The tests we provide can precisely determine if twins are or not identical. Twins can be monozygotic or identical if they have developed from the same egg cell (zygote) or disjoint (different) if there were two different egg cells (two eggs and two sperm gave birth to two egg cells).

How early can I get the test results?

Our clients receive the results in terms of 3-7 business days from the moment our lab receives the harvested DNA samples.

Can paternity be determined before birth?

Yes, it can. Non-invasive DNA parent-child test (NIPPT) during pregnancy uses the latest second-generation DNA sequencing technology to detect fetal genetic fragments in maternal peripheral blood to compare the biological information of the father to determine the parental relationship.

Are the test results fully confidential?

Yes. We guarantee the confidentiality of the results. They cannot be delivered to anyone else other than the person that solicits the DNA testing.